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Presbyterian General Assembly approves Study Committee on Women in Ministry

During its 44th General Assembly, in Mobile, AL, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) “adopted a proposal from its Administrative Committee (AC) to establish a study committee on the issue of women serving in the ministry of the church.” Since … Continue reading

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9 Marks of Healthy Biblical Complementarianism

Young, Restless, and Reformed pastor, author, and blogger Kevin DeYoung begins his post, “In the conservative evangelical circles I mainly inhabit, there is almost no controversy about whether the Bible allows for women to be ordained as pastors and elders. … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright on 1 Timothy 2:12

“I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she is to keep silent” (1 Timothy 2:12 NRSV). “I don’t think I exaggerate when I suggest that this passage above all others has been the sheet … Continue reading

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Women in Ministry: How Luke Geraty went Beyond Mike Bird

Over at ThinkTheology, Luke Geraty shares how he has changed his views about women in ministry.  While Luke doesn’t want to be labeled either an egalitarian or a complementarian, he offers the following as his position: “I am convinced that … Continue reading

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