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Worship: Like an Oasis in the Desert

Do you attend gathered worship each week as a performer or a receiver? What’s your approach to worship–whether private or gathered public worship?  I believe the answer to this question determines what you and I get out of worship each … Continue reading

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Gathered Worship: For Saints or Sinners?

Perhaps there are several answers to this question. At any rate, over the years, how we’ve chosen to engage this question is the single most important element that has shaped and influenced our worship and how we do church. Stop.  And … Continue reading

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On Worship and the Sacraments

“In worship, God gathers us to reorient us as children of God, Christ meets us in Word and Sacrament to nourish our souls, and the Spirit renews us in our hope for the renewal of all things.” –Sue A. Rozeboom

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How should Sunday be spent?

It’s a question I’ve never really addressed on this blog, but every time I return home from church on any given Sunday, it’s one I ask myself. I’m hardly a fundamentalist, as this blog would undoubtedly reveal. And like most, … Continue reading

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