On Reading “Fathered by God” by John Eldredge

untitledAs related here, I was blessed to spend four days in a fellowship of men, at a Wild At Heart Boot Camp.  I needed that time away.  The Lord knew that.  It was a time of amazing discovery.

Over the years I’ve read quite a number of John Eldredge’s books.  Among the few I have not read was Fathered By God.  The title appealed to me.

Among the free books that I walked away with at the end of the event was, yes! Fathered By God.  I’m reading it now.  It’s about that masculine journey every male must take.  So according to Eldredge,

God ordained the stages of masculine development.  They are woven into the fabric of our being, just as the laws of nature are woven into the fabric of the earth.”

As I continue to read Fathered By God, occasionally, I will interact with it in the form of quotes and ultimately, a review at the end.

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Michael F. Bird on Imputation vs Incorporation

“Rather than imputation, a better description of the biblical materials is incorporation into the righteousness of Christ.  The verdict that God the Father executes on the Son is shared by those who are united to the risen Jesus.  They share in the verdict: Jesus’ obedience to his messianic task of redemptive suffering.  So Jesus’ obedience does become ours–but not through artificially dividing Jesus’ obedience into active and passive varieties, not through a medieval concept of ‘merit’ that is imputed instead of imparted, not because Jesus is the exemplary Pelagian who earns salvation when we cannot, not by fulfilling a covenant of works that required meritorius fulfillment, not by way of righteousness molecules floating through the air to us; rather, we become ‘righteous’ in Christ when by faith we participate in the vicarious death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We are incorporated into the righteousness of Jesus Christ.” –Michael F. Bird, Evangelical Theology, emphasis added

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Reflections on John Eldredge and Wild At Heart Boot Camp

WAHLast Thursday night through midday Sunday (October 16-19), along with just over twenty men, I was blessed to be a part of John Eldredge’s Wild At Heart Boot Camp.

Location.  We spent the time together at a camp site operated by a local United Methodist church in the area.  I thought it was an awesome location for the event: bonfires at night, canoeing and kayaking in the day, with the distraction of your North Carolina mosquitoes.

I shared a cabin room with another brother in the Lord.  For breakfast at 8am, we would cross a wooden bridge to get to our dining facility.

Contents.  We gathered in a room and watched John Eldredge and other Ransomed Heart team members deliver contents from his New York Times Bestseller Wild At Heart.  When the book was first released in 2001, I was blessed to read it (for what I’ve learned from Eldredge see here).

If you have ever read Wild At Heart or any other work of Eldredge, you would quickly discover that he uses movies as illustrates, concluding that not only are they modern parables, but they are telling our story and that is why we are drawn to them (he definitely has a point here).  Clips from movies like Braveheart, Gladiator, October Sky, Lord of the Rings, Good Will Hunting, The Kid, The Kingdom of Heaven–were so powerful.

But it’s those alone times, with a few questions to help you dig deeper, that I found the most rewarding.  We were given 45 minutes to be alone with God and the questions.

Our last night together, Saturday night, we watched Lone Survivor.

Over the years I’ve attended a number of camps like this one.  God have used them to bless me, especially where I was in my life.  And now, at this point in my life, the good Lord knew that I needed John Eldredge and the Wild At Heart Boot Camp.

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Mark Driscoll Resigns

imagesCAT3S6Y0On Tuesday, October 14, Pastor Mark Driscoll submitted his resignation as an elder and lead pastor of Mars Hill Church.  This is according to the Mars Hill Church website.

A group of seven elders and one member of the Board of Overseers who were charged with conducting an investigation into the “formal charges” that were brought against Mark Driscoll, issues the following:

  1. We concluded that Pastor Mark has, at times, been guilty of arrogance, responding to conflict with a quick temper and harsh speech, and leading the staff and elders in a domineering manner. While we believe Mark needs to continue to address these areas in his life, we do not believe him to be disqualified from pastoral ministry.
  2. Pastor Mark has never been charged with any immorality, illegality or heresy. Most of the charges involved attitudes and behaviors reflected by a domineering style of leadership.
  3. We found some of the accusations against Pastor Mark to be altogether unfair or untrue.
  4. Other charges had been previously been addressed by Pastor Mark, privately and publicly. Indeed, he had publicly confessed and apologized for a number of the charges against him, some of which occurred as long as 14 years ago.
  5. We commend Mark for acting upon the vision God gave him to start Mars Hill Church and for his ministry of faithfully teaching the Word of God for the past 18 years. We commit to pray for him, for Grace, and for their children as they transition from ministry at Mars Hill Church.  read more

While not asked to resign from the church he helped found, Driscoll had the following to say: “Recent months have proven unhealthy for our family — even physically unsafe at times — and we believe the time has now come for the elders to choose new pastoral leadership for Mars Hill” (see here).

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The Sacraments

So great is God’s love and care for his people that he not only calls thems into fellowship with his Son by his Word; he assures them of his goodwill, binding himself to them and binding them to himself and to each other through sacraments that he has personally instituted.”  –Michael S. Horton, Pilgrim Theology

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