Comment Policy

Sometimes it becomes necessary to lay down a few rules of engagement:

1. No ad hominem.  While it is easy to sometimes slip from attacking an argument to the person (ad hominem) we ask that you avoid doing so. It is not helpful to discussion/dialog.

2. No self-promotion. Do not use the blog to promote yourself, as your surrogate blog, or as an advertisement.

3. No hate-speech.  Any comments perceived as racist, sexist, and so forth will be deleted. Such things are not tolerated around here.

4. In everything, be courteous and respectful. This does not mean that you have to agree.  Rather, that you agree to disagree, respectfully and so on.

In other words, as blog administrator I reserve the right to block anyone from commenting on this blog, or remove comments that violate these simple rules of engagement.  Thank you very much, TC Robinson.