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How does God give the Holy Spirit to those who Ask?

I’ve been spending time with Luke’s Gospel for a while now.  This morning I read the following and wanted to move on, but a question kept challenging me.  How does God give the Holy Spirit to those who ask? 11 “Which … Continue reading

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The New Creation is Here!

About a week ago, my wife made a confession.  It resounded with the birth pangs of an expectant soul. “I’m just tired of sinning,” was her confession. At the time of her confession, we were conversing about all the evils … Continue reading

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RT Kendall responds to MacArthur’s Strange Fire

Though I do not agree with Mr. RT Kendall use of every Scripture text he quoted, I do appreciate what he has to say here in response to John MacArthur’s recent Strange Fire Conference.  Much of what RT Kendall has … Continue reading

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Can we commit the Unforgivable Sin of Blasphemy against the Spirit Today?

I grew up practically scared of committing this sin, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, always wondering if I had already committed and therefore damned to hell. Neither did I find the preachers I was listening to helpful.  The preachers couldn’t … Continue reading

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John Eldredge, Kevin DeYoung, and the Question of Holiness

Both Kevin DeYoung and John Eldredge have written on the subject of holiness recently.  I’ve read them both.  In fact, I’ve just concluded my reading of Elredge’s work (and see my review of DeYoung’s here).  Since both works are fresh … Continue reading

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