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Removing the Scandal of the Cross: Is this an Example?

This week so far has been the most reflective of mine in recent years.  The implications of the cross of Christ are so far-reaching, no wonder Paul sought not only to proclaim it but to protect it as well (1 … Continue reading

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John MacArthur on Rob Bell: “a Brother to Embrace or a Wolf to Avoid?”

This is the question that John MacArthur seeks to answer in a post on his Grace to You blog: The post begins: If Christopher Hitchens or Deepak Chopra penned a book that scoffed at the biblical teaching on hell, we … Continue reading

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Rob Bell is His Own Saboteur?

In his full review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, Mark Galli, senior editor of Christianity Today, says that “On his way to making Jesus more attractive to unbelievers, Bell has raised crucial questions that evangelicals have been whispering about for … Continue reading

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English Bible Translations and the Letters of Paul

So what do I expect from an English Bible translation in the Letters of Paul?  Why is this a big deal?  Well, it’s Paul! (The apostle of to the Gentiles (Rom. 11:13) is chiefly responsible for forging out a theology, … Continue reading

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